• 1949John F. Long Home Builder

    1949-1-JFL_519x600  1949-2-JFLTruck_474x600
    John F. Long Home Builder, and later, John F. Long Homes is established Photos: John F. Long publicity photo for first subdivision; JFL at truck w/radio
  • 1959John F. Long Foundation

    The John F. Long Foundation is established to help fund local, youth-based charitable organizations.
  • 1960sMaryvale, the state’s first master planned community

    1960-1_BKeaton1960-61_600x481  1960-2_JFLReaganKitc_600x478  1960-3_OutsideLine_600x368
    Maryvale, the state’s first master planned community, is well under way. Typical home prices are in the $8,000 range. Subdivisions include homes, parks, churches, shopping and community facilities. Marketing includes festive atmosphere and famous actors such as, Buster Keaton and Pat Boone, and G.E. representative/future President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.
    Photos: Buster Keaton in “The Homeowner”; Reagan publicity photo; outside line
  • 1970sJacob F. Long
    joins the company full time

    Jacob F. Long joins the company full time, beginning his career on the construction job sites – learning the business from the ground up.
  • 1980sSolar energy and water
    conservation are the focus

    1980-1-SolarArray-JFL_396x600  1980-3_Nanofiltration_1988_252x150
    Solar energy and water conservation are the focus. Based on the company’s national reputation in design and construction, John F. Long Homes was chosen by the U.S. Department of Energy to build the world’s first solar community, Solar One - a 24-home community using solar power for its electric needs. Long helps to mainstream nano-filtration as a way of using effluent water for potable needs. Photos: John F. Long on the photovoltaic cells for Solar One; nano-filtration site
  • 1990sJohn F. Long Homes builds its final subdivision

    John F. Long Homes builds its final subdivision. John F. Long Properties LLLP is established and focuses on its commercial real estate development, as well as managing its other assets.
  • 2000sFirst phase of Algodon Center

    2000-1_101MOB  2000-2_AMOP-StoN_08-28-09_600x457
    First phase of Algodon Center, Algodon Medical Office Park, gets under way, with underground improvements, roadways, landscaping and the first property owners building late in the decade. Photo: McShane Building, AMOP aerial
  • 2010sCommercial and Residential developments underway

    Commercial and Residential developments Copperwing, Aldea Centre, Dobbins Village and StoneHaven are planned and underway, as well as planning for the company’s other real estate holdings.