Jacob F. Long

General Partner

602-272-0421, ext: 505

Jacob F. "Jake" Long learned the business from the ground up by starting his career in the field as an apprentice carpenter. Over the years, Jake’s management skills were honed under his father’s tutelage, and now serves as the company’s Managing General Partner, as well as Managing General Partner of Algodon Center LLLP, and is Chairman of the Board of John F. Long Foundation.

James J. Miller

Sr. Director of Real Estate

602-272-0421, ext: 511

With CPA certificate in hand, James J. "Jim" Miller began his career with the company as comptroller in 1977. He has a long standing and respected reputation among the business community. As a volunteer, he has contributed countless hours to the community through boards and commissions. Jim is a successful leader who encourages others to follow and work effectively for the benefit of others. He has been Director of Real Estate since 1999.

Tim Wright

Director of Real Estate

602-272-0421, ext: 508

An Arizona native and ASU graduate, Tim has watched the growth of Phoenix for all of his life. Beginning his career in the real estate lending industry, and moving on to development, he has been involved with many of the major projects constructed in the Valley over the past 3 decades. It’s an exciting time to be in real estate and Tim is glad to be in the middle of it.

Valerie Riedler

Executive Assistant

602-272-0421, ext: 505

Valerie’s background in escrow has served her well with the company’s diversified portfolio of properties. She joined the company in 2002 and loves the fact that in a small staffed company you have the opportunity to do a large variety of things. She is Jim and Jake’s assistant, Administrator for the Algodon Design Review Committee, and Grants Administrator for the John F. Long Foundation.


NOVO Development

Justin Miller

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NOVO Development

Kurt Rosene

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